Day: February 17, 2024

Sat. Feb. 17, 2024 – like I needed more work… but that’s the way it goes

Cool and damp. Really damp. Not supposed to be any rain today but it should remain cloudy. The rain yesterday was spotty and light. Not much of an impediment to my pickups, but the ground is saturated again.

I spent the morning on auction stuff, and the afternoon doing pickups, with a visit to the Goodwill bins, and a swing past my storage unit. One of the lots I won is a ridiculously tall extension ladder. It overhangs the back of the truck by about 4-6 ft, and is flush with the front bumper. I need it at the BOL to reach one limb, and maybe to do some antenna work. It was stupidly cheap, so worth it. Until I can take it up to the BOL I’ll have to either keep driving around town with it on the truck or find somewhere to stash it for a while. I don’t fancy leaving it on the truck, but it’s long and heavy and VERY unwieldy.

Today I’ve got to move some stuff around and make room in my storage unit for the stuff in my truck, until I can get it to auction or the BOL. Then I’ve got to do two pickups on opposite sides of town, and somewhere in there I need to fix, or at least diagnose, the leak under my tub. I think I have what I need to fix it, if the brass drain is what failed. I picked up a tub drain and overflow in brass at the bins a week or two ago. It’s at storage but I forgot to bring it home yesterday. I thought I was just getting it for the brass… universe had other plans.

That is often how my life works.

Wife and girls have their first cookie booth of the season today. Hope they sell a bunch, despite the price increase. We’re at $6/box here and supposedly other places like NYFC are at $7. People were moaning when it went to $5… Let’s go Brandon!

We’ll see how the day goes. I’m stacking stuff and skills, and hopefully goodwill today. Stack some yourself.


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