Day: February 15, 2024

Thur. Feb. 15, 2024 – Guess I should have mentioned Valentine’s Day…

Cool and crisp. Clear and warming somewhat later. I could see my breath yesterday morning, but was happy in a t shirt and shorts later. I should probably start getting the garden ready.

Did some errands yesterday. Did some personal maintenance. Did a bunch of relationship maintenance. It was The Feast of St. Valentine, and Ash Wednesday. (As an aside, a LOT more Catholics in my area than I thought. Refreshing to see young adults wearing the ashes.)

Some of that stuff involved a visit to my local HEB for a card, so I figured I’d check the meat aisle too. Prime sirloin, $6/ pound. Yes Please! I’ll take all you have left. I got three picanha roasts (the cap removed from the sirloin before slicing into steaks), and two packs of two sirloin steaks. I’d have gotten more if I could.

Coincidentally, I was making a picanha roast for dinner. I’d already defrosted one, so it was nice to replace it with more. At roughly 3 pounds, they are the perfect size for my family, and they cook in under an hour. Plus, they are delicious and look good on the table.

Dinner turned out well. Beef roast; asparagus sauteed with butter, garlic, and red onion with a splash of soy sauce; fresh bread (supposedly a french baguette, but that was a lie. LOOKED like a baguette. Wasn’t.); and garlic clusters baked in chicken stock with gorganzola cheese crumbles. Strawberry tres leches cake for dessert. Really a pretty simple meal, but dressed up a bit to LOOK and TASTE like a fancy restaurant. Garlic was to smear on the sliced baguette…

As a bonus, the whole house smells great while everything is cooking.

These are the good old days. Enjoy them while you can.

Today will involve more of the same. Nothing specific or out of the ordinary, just trying to keep the list under control. Some small progress is being made. Every day is a gift.

Stack the gifts.


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