Day: February 10, 2024

Sat. Feb. 10, 2024 – non-prepping hobby day, meatspace baby!

Warmish, and a chance of thunderstorms. I really want it to stay dry, but ya can’t always get what ya want… It was warm all day Friday, with patches of sun, and also a bit of localized rain a bit east of my house. Drove through some, but really only a few drops.

I did a couple of pickups that were north of me and close together, then swung down and grabbed one west of me, and completed the loop by getting youngest from school. Then she was getting ready for her dance. Dang kid keeps growing.

Later I hit the chiropractor, then the grocery store. Prices in yesterday’s comments. There continue to be localized sales on stuff, which is a great way to add to the stacks. Pretty sure you have to be in the store to know about it though, so get out and look. I know walmart grocery does manager special markdowns on meat, and Commander Zero has mentioned his store doing it many times. Get it while you can.

Y’all know I’ve been pushing for you to get out and try new ways of buying and selling, and to practice in the secondary economy. Stuff like finding the markdowns is just one reason why. Dickering and making offers is another. Using cash is a good reason too. Get used to carrying and using it. It’s still king.

The auctions have lots of good stuff too, and new reseller storefronts seem to be opening up everywhere. Speaking of which, I won a meat cutting bandsaw last night. It’s not big, and it’s Vevor which is a chinese brand (but one that seems a bit better quality for tools and industrial stuff), but I have wanted one for a long time. I’ll take it to the BOL and park it with my buddy. Maybe some deer or piggy will fall my way next time, if they have a saw to make things easier. Mainly it’s a DEEP prep, and a seed for the future. Hammer price was $105, retail is almost $500 and a quality “real” one sells used at auction for $500-750. I’m hoping it will be money well spent.

Time to get busy selling some stuff too. I could use the cash for my solar project.

It’s always something.

Headed to the BOL after my meeting, I’ll be on a thin pipe the rest of today and tomorrow. Keep both eyes open, stuff could change rapidly… and change spooks people.

Stack what you can, and keep an eye out for ‘wish list’ and ‘like to have’ items, you might get it.


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