Day: February 12, 2024

Mon. Feb. 12, 2024 – another Monday, and another week starts…

Cool. It was almost cold when I went to bed. Rainy and wet when I started my day at the BOL, clearing and normal wind patterns by mid afternoon when I headed home. Houston area was clear and crisp. So I figure today will be clear and crisp too. All together now… we’ll see.

Didn’t do a ton of stuff this trip to the BOL. Got the oven and stove unloaded, and loaded up a chest freezer. I was holding it for a neighbor up there, but he either changed his mind or can’t afford it. So I sold it here in Houston to one of my auction guy’s workers.

I did get a couple of small things done, one being a repair, one being to move some stuff around. The weather was getting to me so I called it an early day and drove home. I saw some evidence of powerful winds on the way, it even made the news. Giant piece of metal was on the side of the road on I-45. Looked like the whole roof from a metal building, all mangled up. In the background there were a half dozen power company trucks with crews working on power lines. Something blew that thing through the lines, either a tornado (which my wife had received a text alert was possible on her drive…) or “straight line winds.” That’s what they seem to say whenever the insurance doesn’t want to pay claims. Big bad wind, no matter what you call it if it ripped off a roof, balled it up, and threw it across the fields…

There are hazards no matter where you live.

I mentioned in the comments yesterday that I saw some motorcycle “club” activity along my route. Not thrilled about that, but better to know about it. Mutant biker zombies, oh my.

Today I’ll be running errands, shopping, doing pickups, having lunch, and who knows what sort of stuff will get done around the house. Ah, who am I kidding. I know for sure one of those things will happen. The others are on the list to pad it out so I feel like I’m getting stuff done.

Time feels pretty short for a couple of potential bad things coming this way. The political tides are turning, maybe into a whirlpool, or a tsunami. There could be another summer of rioting, or the wars could heat up. The confrontation at the border could go kinetic at any time. Or we could have a bad storm season. Take steps. Prep.

And stack.


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