Day: February 25, 2024

Sun. Feb. 25th, 2024 – still got plenty to do…

Cool but not cold, but probably pretty damp, and warming later. Yesterday was about as perfect a day as it gets, weather-wise.

And we now have seeds in the soil. Beans, radishes, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and even some strawberries. Next step is irrigation but hopefully we’ve got some time before the heat of summer kicks in. One year I was wearing my cool vest at the rodeo, so it’s possible it could skip Spring and jump right to ” hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck feeling hot and gritty…”

Plan for the day is mower maintenance, weed mowing (with a bit of grass cutting too), clean up and put away, and then at some point head home. Oh, and pack up most of my pex fittings and tools. Because I feel like I’m gonna need them at home. Which would be unfortunate. Still, better to be prepared, no?

Moved a couple of things up here this trip. Stacking it deeper. Please consider following my example…


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