Day: February 9, 2024

Fri. Feb. 9, 2024 – weird week. Hopefully get a nice rest and reset this weekend

Cool but not cold, clear. Or maybe not, but that is the reality of modeling a chaotic system. It never got very nice yesterday, but didn’t get worse either. Just an ordinary day. That would be fine for today and tomorrow as well.

I did mostly stuff around the house yesterday. Then D1 called for pickup about an hour and a half early. Good thing I was slacking at home and not an hour away doing a pickup.

Today I’ll be doing that one pickup, and getting ready for my mini-swapmeet for my non-prepping hobby meeting on Saturday. Probably do some more domestic bliss too, as the weekend approaches. There is always something to do.

In the wider world, lots of people are suddenly noticing that SloJoe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Never was really, cunning yeah, but not a towering intellect. Probably thinks he is, lots of habitual liars think they are a lot smarter than everyone around them… but when your own DOJ declines to prosecute you because you are a doddering old fool with memory and cognition issues, it might finally be coming to an end. It’s pretty ugly when you deny the issue, but then in practically the next breath make a huge mistake that sorta proves the point of the issue…

I’m happy to see him go, but what’s waiting in the wings is even more horrifying. Heck I’d have bet money that he wouldn’t have made it this long. The modern pharmacopeia must be incredible if you are one of the cloud people. Eventually that will trickle down to the rest of us, if we can hold a technological society together long enough. So we’ve got that to look forward to.

Times of rapid change are fraught with danger. Opportunity too, but mostly danger. Keeping one’s head down and avoiding notice is the first strategy that comes to mind and probably works for most people. Some people are going to have to hope they get famous and powerful enough, quickly enough, so they don’t end up road kill. And some are just going to be collateral damage as the new order sorts itself out.

History says we will get through it, whatever “it” is. It is certainly coming, and it is probably coming sooner rather than later.

Get your stuff in a row, and be ready to provide for your needs. Stack.


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