Day: February 20, 2024

Tues. Feb. 20, 2024 – 02202024 – not meaningless, but certainly not full of hidden meaning…

Cool and clear, again. Hooray. I can use a few more cool and clear days. Like yesterday, and tomorrow. Nice weather lately, if a bit on the cool side in the morning and at night. Great for working outdoors or in an attic.

Which means I should be doing some of the attic work I’ve been putting off for the past year. I’ve got cleanup and organizing to do, insulation to install, and new pex to put in, in place of the rotten galvanized piping that is bound to fail at the least convenient time. Not to mention the bathroom reno that is now in its 13th year… or the outdoor work I’ve been putting off.

Instead, I’ll be kludging the tub back together. If I can get the fitting to work with the sewer connection, I’m going to epoxy the ‘pinhole’ and install the new drain parts. I don’t want to rip out the tub/shower until I have all the stuff ready to go for the rest of the reno. If I can get a functioning shower for a while longer, it’s worth the effort. Maybe we can even get a real contractor in to do the shower.

And because of the holiday, I’ve got one fewer day to do my pickups. Lots of stuff for the BOL and general living stuff too this week. Soap, cleaners, some stuff for the kids.

I’m looking at the pile, and thinking I might have to do a speed run to the BOL to take a load up, and empty my truck. I can bring back all my pex fittings and tools too, so that I can do some of the work here when I have the chance. I’m getting a really strong feeling I should have the plumbing stuff here… and I’ve learned that I ignore the little voice in my head at my peril.

Plans. I had ’em. Now I’ve got new ones. Flexibility is a virtue right?


Out in the world things are getting more strained. If the trucker boycott of NYC turns into something real, expect the feds and .gov to get really ugly. Trucking is federally regulated and that will be the first avenue of attack- threats. Seizures and replacement will surely follow.

The news says “gangs have formed” among the illegals in NYFC, but of course the gangs were always there. To admit the “immigrants” are really cartel ‘bangers is impossible, so they must have formed spontaneously in NYFC… and they are doing the same things they did at home. Don’t think it will be confined to NYFC, it will be true in every city by the end of the summer. The cartels, the chinese, the balkan mobs, and islamic invaders will be fighting over the corpse of American prosperity, with some real mobsters and some good ole boys getting into it too. Oh, don’t forget the africans. They have a long history of brutality against each other and their enemies. They don’t need guns either. Eritrean migrant gangs are tearing things up in the Netherlands and elsewhere, even North Carolina.

What we are about to see is the real world version of the ‘lily pads in the pond’ doubling thought experiment. We’re on about day 46, when 1/4 of the pond is covered. People are noticing that there are a lot of changes recently, and there seem to be a lot of young hispanic men around. Tomorrow (metaphorically) the pond will be half covered, and people will start to get concerned and maybe even freak out. Too late, because the next day, the pond is covered and we are a third world sh!tehole, and the illegals are everywhere and doing everything.

Yeah, we have a lot of guns. So do they. And no compunction about using them. Or machetes. They fill pits with severed heads and run slavery rings for fun and profit. How many of our people are willing to shoot on sight? Or burn down their clubhouses and homes? Add the disruptions of another covid, a crooked election, failing currency, worsening political situation overseas, and you don’t have enough stacked. Not enough of anything. So we can hope and pray it doesn’t get that bad, but you have to ask yourself, “why won’t it?” Feel free to share your thoughts if you come up with anything plausible.

As for me, I’m stacking what I can.


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