Day: December 30, 2023

Sat. Dec. 30,2023 – New Year’s Eve, eve…

Cold and clear. 33F when I went to bed, and pretty sure it went below freezing after that. Cold enough, we didn’t want to have a fire on the dock, but stayed in to play cards…

Spent what was left of Friday (most of the day really) doing chores and small projects. The majority of which I did in the garage, where the kero heater brought the ambient from 54F to 64F in an hour or two. Considering the lack of insulation, and the gaps around the door, that’s pretty good. A small fan to break up the stratification would have helped too.

I wore a variety of overclothes throughout the day, adding and subtracting to be comfortable. In the old days, I’d have just toughed it out, either too cold or too hot, but I’ve got a variety of coats, vests, and layers so I’m using them. I guess I’m getting smarter with age 😉

Had dinner and opened Christmas presents with Grandma, then played cards for a couple hours. NOT bridge. 😉 Oh, and Rumikub, which is a tile game that has elements from rummy… It’s one of my mom’s favorites. Since there is luck involved everyone can win if they play well. Kids like it too.

Fired the garage heater back up and played a couple of games of pool before bed against my wife. I won 2 of 3 but we both kinda suck. It’s been a long time since I played with any regularity and I was never really good. She played a lot when she was a kid but that was (mummble mummmble, mmuuuummmbbllle) years ago… If the world holds onto its collective marbles for a while longer, we might get better.

One of the things I did was spend some time talking to my fisherman buddy about doing a joint garden in the spring. There is a plot across from his house he has permission to use and has used in the past. I showed him a couple of 100 gallon rain barrels and a 40 gallon tank on wheels we can fill from the lake and tow up to the garden. I’ve actually got another at home too that I could bring up. If we can do some rainwater capture, and supplement that with hauled water from the lake, that will save a bunch of money for irrigating with drinking water.

The time to plant a garden is BEFORE you are hungry.

And the time to stack is before you need it. Get some plans in the works…


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