Day: December 17, 2023

Sun. Dec. 17, 2023 – a bit chilly, perfect for feeling like Christmas is coming…

Chilly and damp, 40F and then warming. It was 40F last night at the BOL. Supposed to be clear for a couple of days.

Got a late start to things yesterday but eventually got the truck loaded and headed to the BOL. Stopped on the way to pick up an item that hadn’t been shipped, even though it’s been a month or more. It will let me do a repair on something I’d written off as too expensive to fix.

Won a few things for Christmas presents, and a couple of things for the BOL. I’ll pick them up this week.

Today I need to unload the truck, put stuff away, and winterize the hose bibs and outdoor shower water heater. I’ll do some Christmas things if I have time. We’ll be back up after Christmas and I’d like to walk into a decorated house. I’d like to put up some lights here too. I’ve got the lights, but don’t know if I have a good way to hang them…

I’ll take some colored lights home to put up there too.

I spent some time thinking about truly bad things happening while I was sitting by the fire last night. I think I have a nice post coming up, if I can organize my thoughts.

In the mean time — stack.


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