Day: December 26, 2023

Tues. Dec. 26, 2023 – Boxing Day.

Cold and windy, supposed to be clear for a couple of days. It got pretty chilly last night, but not cold enough to freeze. I don’t think we ever got out of the low 60s Christmas Day.

Spent yesterday eating, cooking, eating, opening presents, playing with presents, and snuck in a little domestic bliss as well. While I was waiting for food to cook, I changed the LED downlights in the kitchen. That has been on the list for a while… I also did a couple loads of laundry and cleaned up about 80% of the present opening mess. I’m a multi-tasker! A nice relaxing day.

Today I’ve got one pickup scheduled. I’ve also got one errand that has to get done this week- I’ve got to drop a check off but it’s not urgent. The pickup is for a desk/table to set up for the kids’ 3d printers. It’s not the perfect solution but it should work until I find something better, and it was cheap. It doesn’t have the storage or any doors underneath that I would prefer, to hide supplies when not in use, and it’s a plain, industrial looking design, but it’s a flat surface and should be reasonably sturdy. I’m looking forward to a test print.

I took a quick first pass at the manual for my new DMR handie talkie. Yeah, I’m gonna need a “getting started with DMR” guide. Operating the radio and programming it doesn’t look any harder than any other cheap chinese radio, but I’m a total noob wrt to digital ham radio. I don’t know WHAT to put in it… We do have DMR systems in Houston, and I think the club I joined at the BOL operates one DMR repeater too, so maybe I can get some help from them one of these trips.

Learning new things is good.

Oh, and D2 superglued herself while assembling her ‘book nook’ gift. Fortunately, I’m a prepper, and decided long ago that if I was going to have super glue in the house I’d better have the solvent too. I even know where the bottle is, so that didn’t take long to fix. Mom says “wow, good thing daddy had the solvent.” AHEM, not “good thing” like it was random chance, it was the result of planning and foresight… No matter how many rabbits I pull out, I’m still Rodney Dangerfield.

I’m glad I had it, and D2 went right back to work, which is all that really matters.

Ya never know when you’ll need your stacks!


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