Day: December 15, 2023

Fri. Dec. 15, 2023 – soon this year will be over… but not soon enough.

Cool again. Overcast again. National forecast says rain and thunderstorms are possible. The morning overcast cleared yesterday to leave a very nice sunny day, until evening when the overcast moved back in. Saturday is supposed to be nice.

I did some pickups all the way across town and far to the south. The most notable thing is the amount of new construction that I saw. They’ve been throwing up new mega-apartment complexes in Houston and surrounds, but this was the first one I saw so far south. It is right in the path of almost any hurricane, and built in an area that floods. New residents from Cali and NYFC won’t know that, so I guess it will work…

Today I have some more auction stuff to pick up, and some other stuff to do around the house. I might head to the BOL tonight, but more likely is tomorrow, so I can grab some auction pickups on the way. There is one that isn’t on the way that I will call and see if I can get them today. Most auctioneers don’t want late pickups, but maybe he’ll go for an early one.

In other news, Elon must have gotten a few more sats in space, because Starlink is available at the BOL again. Now I’m faced with making the decision. It’s pricey, but will let my wife work from home if we are up there, and will let me get some cams in for monitoring the place. I’m going to talk to our friends up there and see if they want to share. I think they are already splitting their new service, as he asked me for advice on sharing network between a couple of houses…so it might just be us. The guy who was initially interested in sharing backed out.

Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone here that the internet has become so important that I’m seriously thinking about paying double what we pay for fiber here to get it at a place we use one weekend out of the month. I kind of like being out of touch when I’m up there, but my wife would like to be able to spend more time there when the kids are off school but she’s still working. Hmmm. Something to think about, since it won’t be an issue until summer, or possibly spring break.

I vac sealed and froze some more meat yesterday, and added it to the stacks. I’ve been adding other stuff, and getting stuff for the BOL, rather than food, for the most part this year. I’m hoping that doesn’t come back to bite my behind, but other than meat, there isn’t a lot I can add that I’ll use before the cans explode, if the worst case situation doesn’t happen. That’s a good place to be, and I’m glad for it, but now I need to balance between here and there. Might be time to rotate a couple of buckets of flour for example, rather than just add one, same with some seasoning packets, and other things. Or not, as even less that perfect food is still food when it’s all gone pear shaped. I think organizing and swapping my storage around is probably a better use of my time.

Time. Ask me for anything but time. Well, I better get started on the list, because they aren’t making any more time… everyone gets the same amount every day, you can’t ‘save’ it, and you don’t ‘waste’ it. It just is.

So do something. And stack. Or stack. But stack.


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