Day: December 22, 2023

Fri. Dec. 22, 2023 – 12222023 – Christmas is imminent …

Cool and overcast. Rain in the forecast. Light rain anyway. No idea if it’s going to affect my part of town though.That’s a “wait and see” for sure. It was overcast all day Thursday, but never even got a mist.

I hung around the house all morning, after my leisurely lie in… then finally got out to do my pickups. The auctioneers at my stop have been making interesting comments about politics and the state of the world that had me thinking they were leaning toward being like minded… and they definitely are. They are late to the party,but have figured out that they’ll need more than ammo and guns to get through what’s coming. I’ll be sharing some links to other sites, but probably won’t de-cloak… every prepared person is someone who won’t be knocking on my door, come the day.

Today I have another pickup or two, and I need to get to REI to buy my wife a gift… should have gone online immediately, now the shipping would be too long. I do like browsing the store though… been a member long enough to remember when they sold actual climbing gear, and not just bikes, tents, and clothes. In fact I remember the newsletter when they hired the guy who shifted the focus to general retailing. He cited the examples of some other formerly great outdoor brands and mentioned the siren song of how much money there was to be made with clothes… he followed through, that’s for sure. Seems like at some point the socialist/commie/hippies all want to cash in. Anyway, my rebate check will expire if I don’t use it.

Maybe I’ll get something for myself, like a large group water filter… I should get some new webbing, cord, and a climbing rope. Or another FLASHLIGHT!

Next time you are at the outdoor store, maybe pick up something to back up what’s already in your stacks, maybe pick up something to extend your stacks. If you think you’ll be eating off the land, do you have the butchering gear?

There is always more to stack.


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