Day: December 9, 2023

Sat. Dec. 9, 2023 – non-prepping hobby Christmas party…

Cool and maybe some rain today. I would prefer no rain, but I’ll be inside so it won’t be more than an inconvenience. Rain was light and intermittent yesterday and temps were moderate. Shirtsleeves all day.

I mostly spent Friday getting stuff together for my non-prepping hobby Christmas party. I know it’s also Hanukkah, so Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, but the club calls it a Christmas party, not a holiday party… and we do rent a church hall for the party. Won’t be any satanism, that is for sure. And the only jolly fat man will be one of our members.

I’m feeling just about over my cold so I won’t have any qualms about attending.

My “host” duties are actually shared with 2 other guys and will mostly be setting up the tables and buffet and getting the meat. Club buys the meat, everything else is potluck. Should be about 50-60 of us and our spouses with (I’m hoping) at least another kid or two so that my two aren’t alone. It’s a nice way to spend some time with a group I’d otherwise probably never meet. Meatspace. It’s not just what’s on the table…

It also reinforces social values, bonds, relationships, and traditions. Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to bond with other humans. Breaking bread together has a long history. Those bonds with the past and the continuity they provide are important. Increasingly so.

Community and shared interests are what is going to make the difference in the coming years. Your place in that needs to be built up, reinforced, and established. The community closes ranks against the lone wolf, the outsider, especially when times are tough. You want to be on the inside when the wagons circle. This is true even if you go to the dark side and become a bad guy when it all goes in the pot. You’ll still want the safety of a group. See? It’s universal. Good or bad. I don’t think anyone will be able to just keep to themself and sneak by.

So you might as well be proactive.

And stack of course.


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