Day: December 19, 2023

Tues. Dec. 19, 2023 – yep, busy day ahead…

Cold and clear. Warming later, to a nice day, then cold. That should be the pattern for a while, with the starting temp slowly falling. Nice day once it warms up.

Did stuff at home in the morning yesterday, waiting to get the eldest child from school. Then did some pickups to the north of me. Today I’ll do pickups to the south…

Got home and made dinner. Visiting sibling so I made one of the picanha roasts (the sirloin cap) with smashed turnips, and brusselsprouts sauteed with onion and truffle oil. D2’s homemade Tollhouse cookies for dessert. Kid is learning to make some fine cookies. Then we did a small gift exchange. Sibling will not be here for Christmas, so we did it early.

These are the good ole’ days.

I’m still thinking about a bigger post. Have to get some quiet time to get it together. And some things have to work themselves through in my head…

In the mean time, the best advice I can give, you’ve heard about a thousand times, stack what you’ll need. Getting it might be a problem sooner than you think.


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