Day: December 12, 2023

Tues. Dec. 12, 2023 – 12122023 – not quite time for a ‘year in review’ post…

Cool again, not cold. I hope. Because it was pretty dang cold yesterday, 36F when I got the kid on the bus. My buddy at the BOL said it got to 31F but warmed up shortly afterward. I’m hoping the lines I didn’t drain haven’t frozen yet, and kicking myself for not getting up there.

I should have been back at the BOL this last weekend, but my holiday party got in the way. Now I’m worried that the instant hot water heater for the outdoor shower got ruined, or the hose bibs I didn’t drain got damaged, or even that the irrigation system is even more broken than it was. It wasn’t cold for long, so I think everything will be ok so far.

Spent yesterday trying to do stuff around the house. Had to get the kids in the afternoon which really shortens my day. I’m going to have to get out of the house sooner if this continues, or I won’t get anything done. I did get a few things done, including tearing out the last of the original carpet in the house. It was in the “toy” room, and was old and nasty when we moved in in ’08. White carpet. Two kids, and a dog. The Bissell worked well, and the home version does a pretty good job, but it still accumulated stuff that just wouldn’t go away. This time, rather than clean it, I ripped it out.

I have enough of the same engineered hardwood flooring we put in the rest of the house to complete this one room- planned it that way, and stored a pallet of material at my secondary against the day, but now IDK if my wife will still want to go that direction. For now it will be concrete with a throw rug. Like the living room at the BOL… Because to do the job we’d have to move the book cases too. And that would be a task. (I just cut the carpet around them for now.) It’s always something.

Today should be me out of the house collecting some stuff for the stacks. I’ve got pickups all over town, and some people to see. Maybe even a drop off for my auctioneer too. It would be nice to continue some of the progress I’m making clearing stuff out.

I’m trying to make the hay while the sun, she is a shining…

And stacking. Doing that too.


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