Day: December 24, 2023

Sun. Dec. 24, 2023 – Christmas Eve

Cool and wet. Was raining when I went to bed, probably raining when I got up, and still raining. Or not and I’ll fix this part of the post… It as grey and overcast, with some patchy clouds in different parts of town, and as I drove around there were places with wet pavement, but I didn’t see any rain until well after dark. That is not what was forecast, but I’m glad it held off.

Did two small pickups then headed home. Wrapped presents, messed around. Lazy day while the kids took turns playing video games and my wife alternated wrapping with reading on the couch. Somewhere in there one batch of cookies got made. There will have to be some more made today, or there will be foot stomping…

I’m pretty sure I’ve got all my presents wrapped, at least the ones I’m going to give this year. Some will slide a couple months and be birthday gifts, since it turned out I had plenty for Christmas. More than I thought I had actually. I will need to make another check of the present closet, and a couple other places, to be sure.

I intend to do some cleaning, some organizing, and some relaxing today. And I’ll eat some cookies if someone makes some…

Today and tomorrow are for stacking memories.


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