Day: November 15, 2023

Wed. Nov. 15, 2023 – long list today. Short time to do it.

Cool and wet, damp at a minimum, raining as a maximum. Forecast shows clear for a couple of days, fwiw. Temps are nice for shirtsleeves. A bit warm in the sun, a bit cool in the shade. Without any rain, it’s really nice.

Did a pickup, and drop off. Got a gas can (old and metal) and some misc stuff including for my non-prepping hobby. Dropped off a few bins for my local auction and got a commitment to take more next week. They’ve seen income decrease enough that they’ve cut employee hours. I’m doing my part to keep the per lot average up. Boss man is still sick, not heart this time, but hernia repair. He’s getting stuff fixed all in a row. I’m a fan, as you have witnessed.

Get stuff fixed now. Both for your body, and soul, and the environment around you. I’ve got a TON of stuff that needs a part, or 10 minutes of work, (or a lot of work) and I’m not keeping up. This is a time to get ducks in a row. Get your shooting irons out, do a function check at the range. Check your zero. Make sure your food isn’t compromised in some way. Check your medical preps. The adhesive failing on bandages is my most common problem. Re-stock PPEs for the next contagion they loose on us. Look in the corners and find the stuff you “temporarily” put somewhere other than where it belongs. Put it right.

And stack what you are missing.


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