Day: November 16, 2023

Thur. Nov. 16, 2023 – and now we’re half way thru November. Yikes.

Cool and clear, maybe even sunny and warming later. Yesterday turned out quite nice. Sun stayed out, and it warmed up, but not so much that you started sweating. Having today the same would be great. Also great if I could enjoy it, instead of just moving through it.

Did a bunch of stuff yesterday, only some of it actually on my list. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, meeting with the tiger mom who is buying our piano, picking up the place–domestic bliss in other words. Then I did an auction pickup, went by the car repair and tried to get my Expy in for service. Nope, missed my chance, too busy. I guess I could try another place, but in my mind this guy has replaced my long time service place that shut down. Unfortunately he’s short staffed, which makes everything harder. Lotta that going around btw.

Went to a school thing later, a banquet for student athletes. BBQ was pretty good. More white coaches than there were white students in the room… My 5′ 8″ blondie gets a lot of attention from the short and dark student body. I’m getting the impression they think she’s “exotic” but not “wife material”. That’s fine with me. We’ve been invaded. It will only get worse from here.

I spent some time talking with my cleaning lady. She’s legal, but an immigrant. She told me that all her customers think really bad times are coming and they are getting ready. She is too. We’ve talked before about vac sealing and freezing meat, and she’s not dumb, she sees the stacks. She asked me what I thought, so I told her. Violence. Shortages. Upheaval. Massive inflation. Economic collapse. (something that is FAR from unthinkable for anyone from south of the border, btw. It’s the normal state of affairs they’ve lived with their whole lives. They have no reluctance to consider it as a possibility.) She said she is trying to sell one of her trucks, the one she considers a “personal” vehicle. “It’s just sitting there, not earning anything.” And she is thinking about taking her money and going back to Mexico, to one of the American expat communities. If she does, it will likely work out better for her than the expats, when the S hits the Fan. It’s easier to be poor in your home town, near family and friends.

Without considering any moral arguments, think about that.

And make plans. Because some of the invaders will be STRONGLY incentivized to stay, even if some do leave. Native born citizens are sorting themselves geographically, and a reverse dust bowl pattern is already emerging. I’ve talked to and seen other people who are moving back to family and familiar places. S is getting real, yo… (to use a meme.)

Who you are with, and where you are, is likely to make a huge difference in your life for the next 2, 5, or 10 years.

And what you’ve stacked, of course.


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