Day: November 4, 2023

Sat. Nov. 4, 2023 – who ya gonna call?

Cool and clear, probably mid 70s by afternoon. Like Friday. And Thursday. Which is good. I like having some Fall to enjoy.

I did my pickups. Got the stuff in the back of the truck, and would normally be running to the BOL this weekend to deliver it. That’s not happening though, so it will either sit there, or I’ll have to clear a space for it somewhere…

Had kid driving duties in the middle of the afternoon, so that cut my day short. I cleaned up around the house instead, putting away a lot of the decor I got out. Also managed to sort some stuff for auction.

Had to get D2 to and from her last night of theater performance which ate my evening too.

Today I’ve got one more pickup, down in Dickenson, which is a heck of a drive. I like to include it on a big loop with some other pickups but the timing didn’t work out this time. The savings were significant so I’m still good after making a special trip, but it’s getting closer and the time has to count for something.

D1 has a Homecoming Dance tonight, so that should fill the air with angst and beauty products. And maybe a few extra kids as they get ready. I’m going to be in my office.

As normal as possible, until it isn’t. That’s the goal.

Meanwhile, I’ll stack.


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