Day: November 1, 2023

Wed. Nov. 1, 2023 – so much sugar…

Cold and clear. Which is pretty much how yesterday ended up. It started overcast, but by afternoon, the sun was out and the sky was blue.

I did run one pickup, the main item I wanted was a honeycomb panel for my new laser engraver, but there were a couple of other items like Halloween makeup that it made sense to get yesterday. Then I spent the rest of the day building out my display.

I was happy with the result, but there is plenty of room to build it up. Crowd was unusual. Started getting trick or treaters later than usual, and with a much higher proportion of older kids, teens. On the flip side, the kids were wearing a lot of very good costumes. Good makeup, good clothes, and mostly hand made for the older kids. I didn’t mind handing them candy at all.

We didn’t get anywhere near the ~150 we got last year. Maybe the cooler temps? or that it was a school night? Or maybe people just weren’t feeling it this year.

D2 trick or treated with her friend and had a great time. D1 helped me dress my “aladin’s cave” and then hid from everyone for a couple of hours. Wife handed out most of the candy. I did get to chat with a couple of neighbors, so that was nice.

Today will be cleaning up and putting away. Maybe I’ll get out the “Fall” decor for the house. It will match the weather and make my wife feel more like home.

I’ve got other stuff to do but it will have to wait.

And I’ll skip a day of stacking, because I’m a slacker. But you aren’t, so don’t!


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