Day: November 8, 2023

Wed. Nov. 8, 2023 – Ok, this time for sure…

Cool and clear, warming later, with a chance that we’ll be moving into some rainy days. That’s from the national forecast, which is generally useful. FWIW, if I want anything more detailed than that I use I don’t usually need it, but sometimes the kids ask for something more specific. Of course, this being Houston, the weather is completely different in different parts of town and my joke is that “20% chance of rain” means that 20% of Houston will get wet…

Didn’t do much yesterday. I was feeling a bit off from the colonoscopy, and had enough “gastric distress” that I didn’t want to be far from the comforts of home… and then I fell asleep. Dunno if there is any lasting effect from the sedation, but I didn’t get much sleep while worrying about “leakage” so I was and am pretty tired.

I did get some domestic bliss stuff done. Did laundry, including folding and putting away! Voted. Made an appointment to get my Expy serviced and inspected for registration. My old guy shut down his business, and I’ve been reluctant to find a new guy. Yesterday I just said “F this, we’ll try this guy…” The office area was clean, guy was nice and told me honestly they were too busy to do the work this week. Read the code from my Check Engine light, and cleared it. Quoted for the work we know about, and we set a time for me to come back.

Spent an hour and a half getting kids from school to home. Made dinner. (Steamed the broccoli in turkey broth- since I have a bunch of broth open… it was tasty.)

All in all, the day was eaten by ducks (as JEP might have said.)

Today I’ve got the stuff I put off yesterday. I have an additional auction pickup to do that is in the same area as the others so that actually works better today than it would have yesterday. I’ll have to make some room in the pickup truck before I head out. I won’t be able to just leave the stuff for the BOL loaded like I hoped. And I’ll try to do at least a small drop off at my selling auctioneer. So, normal busy day. Oh, and get back in time to pick up D1 from school.

Beats working for a living.

And it helps with the stacking… which you should be doing too…

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