Day: November 13, 2023

Mon. Nov. 13, 2023 – Friday the 13th comes on a Monday this month…

Cold and wet. Rain in the forecast for Houston, heavy rain in fact. I guess we’ll see. It was mostly high 50s, low 60s in Houston and at the BOL. I got some heavy mist, light misty drizzle a couple of times in the afternoon, and drove through some drizzle on the way home in the evening. It seemed light, and pretty localized, just like Saturday.

Did my run to the BOL on Saturday and did most of the unloading and stacking on Sunday. Also did the normal per visit upkeep and care of the house and property. I did skimp a bit on mowing as the hilly back yard was too wet to do safely. I did walk it and treat the fire ant mounds. You have to stay on top of them or they’ll take over.

I headed home after dark, listening to the third and final disc of the OO7 audiobook. It must be an early one in the canon, as James is a pretty ordinary, albeit skilled and focused, guy. The story isn’t full of iconic Bond stuff either. I was never a Bond fan, although I’ve seen most of the early movies, and none of the later ones, but I enjoyed the short story. It fit on three CDs, when the Jim Butcher novels take 8 or 9, or sometimes more. Never thought I’d like any sort of audiobook, but I do enjoy them in the truck while driving around. Sometimes an old dog learns a new trick.

Today should be indoor stuff, maybe ebay and auction stuff. Maybe not. I do have to leave the house to do pickups and return the rental trailer. I hope it isn’t raining dogs and cats.

Of course, if it is raining, the smart and prepared will be collecting the rainwater for the garden or for emergency drinking…

Stack it up.


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