Day: November 10, 2023

Fri. Nov. 10, 2023 – Stuff and nonsense…

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day… I’ve got stuff to do, and I need to use the pickup truck to do it. Don’t want to get everything wet. Oh well, it will be what it is. I came pouring down yesterday. Started with some dark clouds on the horizon, but went to full on bucketing down. The cells were localized and moving throughout the day so I’d bet that most of Houston and surrounds got rain. My yard was squishy with too much water. Anyway, national forecast says it’ll be more of the same today.

I did my pickups, chatted with one auctioneer for a bit, then got a text from D1. She wanted to move her pickup time forward an hours, since her sportsball practice got cancelled. I decided to head over and skip some of what I had planned to do. D2 got in on the act wanting to be picked up if she stayed late. All in all, I spent an hour and a half on that nonsense. On top of that, because we got home at 430pm my day was shot. So I did some stuff around the house.

I put a new power supply in the machine I picked up a week or two ago that was a near clone of my main machine, only slightly newer. I got a thermaltake, new in box, for $15 in an auction and it went in perfectly. Learned that the 4 pin connector comes ganged with another, and one of my old psu had that set up and would have worked in the PC if I’d known. Not having the directions or even a box with “features” shown, I didn’t know what I had or how to make it work. I’ll save the psu for the next one and keep using the new thermaltake psu. I spent some time changing settings for win10 and used to install a basic software package. Not sure what I’ll use the machine for, but I’m sure something will present itself. Meanwhile, it’s a backup for this main pc.

What did Jerry used to say? You need n+1 PCs to keep n PCs running? I’ve got n+x where x is bigger than 10 and smaller than 20, of course not all of them are actually running… I may take at least one of the older machines and send it to auction. I’ve got monitors and k/m to include and old win7 systems are still selling for $50-100. For most people, win7 era performance is more than enough. I put a lappy in the auction but it hasn’t listed yet. That will tell me if I should bother with more.

Today I’ve got to rearrange the truck, do a pickup, or possibly two, and get ready to go to the BOL Saturday. I’ve got so much stuff waiting to go, I can’t fit it all in the truck. It almost makes sense to rent a small trailer. If the weather improves maybe I will. In any case it will be a quick up and back the next day. My buddy says the grass grew 8 inches in the last two weeks, and the tree guy was supposed to come by and drop two trees and clear up the burn pile. So, I’ve got stuff to do up there, in addition to just making the delivery.

And I’m sure the kids will want to be chauffeured around too. Busy day.

Probably should get cracking.

And stacking, it all counts as stacking this weekend.


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