Day: November 2, 2023

Thur. Nov. 2, 2023 – back in the saddle again…

Cold, then warming, but sunny and clear- if we can believe the weather liars. I guess that describes yesterday pretty well, so since today is usually like yesterday, I’m going with that prediction.

I got most of my decor down and put away. I did leave some up, just because it’s easy to take down, near the house, and pretty festive and colorful. I’ll give it another day or two.

Today I need to pick up a couple of things, do some grocery shopping (D1 decided she wanted sandwich fixings) and maybe swing by my auctioneer. I don’t have anything for him this late in the week (he’s doing fulfillment on Friday and Saturday) but maybe I can get a check… Or maybe I’ll go by my storage unit and do some sorting for next week. We’ll see what the day ends up being.

I think I might try to pick up some bang bang for the pew pew too. Academy showed some in stock at the same price as everyone else. I’m getting a bit nervous as the middle east heats up. This is a period of great change and realignment in the world. That usually happens with blood and fury accompanying… so what will be the nominal catalyst? Bay of Tonkin? Some asshat riding in a car through the wrong country? Sneaky bast@rds who think they can surprise someone? Or will the mullahs finally put Netanyahu to the test? IDK but it will be something and the history books will make it seem logical and unavoidable.

I can’t imagine our personal security situation getting better if the whole world is upset. Oh, and a massive bolus of stinking humanity is headed right for me. Nevermind that we’re full up on violent third world traffickers and slavers, someone is driving the herd right toward the homestead. Pressure is building from every direction.

I don’t think people are taking the situation seriously enough. I’m having trouble with crisis fatigue and this is pretty much my full time job! Or maybe that’s the problem. Still, there was plenty of warning for WWII and most people just muddled through. Some were well positioned, and much better off than others. If you are marginal now, you’ll be really hurting soon. Get your stuff straightened out NOW.

And stack. Food security. Physical security. Friends. In whatever order you need the most work.


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