Day: November 20, 2023

Mon. Nov. 20, 2023 -11202023 – maybe I’ll get more done today

Mid 60s and windy with some cloud cover and maybe sprinkles of rain today. Describes yesterday pretty well too. Rain was barely noticeable though.

Spent the day on the garage man door replacement. Door went in ok, but the opening and jamb ended up needing a bunch of adjustment. Dang thing was BUILT as a trapezoid. Trying to make the corrections without tearing it all out took a bit longer. Then the locksmithing took a bunch of time. I ended up re-keying 3 cylinders, one dead bolt, one new handle for the garage entry, and then one new handle for the house entry door. Made them all match the same key. Of course there is more to it.

I didn’t have keys for a couple of the cylinders, so I had to make a bump key to open them. It’s easier than disassembling the whole thing. Had to make another when the first attempt didn’t work. Then I dropped one cylinder and had to re-load it, and get it all back together. They’re in, the jamb is square,the door fits well, and I can reinstall the trim and move to the next job today. REALLY didn’t think it was going to take that much time.

I did start the day playing a game with D2 and W1. And played another at lunch time. Then had venison and brisket burgers for dinner, and played LoTR Monopoly after. First time I’ve ever played Monopoly and had one player bankrupt everyone and win with every single property (save one that no one landed on.) D2 had a heck of a lucky day, winning every game we played except the very last card game. FWIW, the LoTR version of Monopoly is much better than original Monopoly, IMHO. Nice metal game pieces, a nice replica ring, and some tweaks to the rules that make the game much shorter to play, typically.

Today I will either do the dockhouse door, or the posts. Given my experiences with the door to the garage, I might do the posts as something I can walk away from without finishing if time runs out. Doors really need to be installed and working before you leave a property for a couple of weeks. Nothing is ever easy or quick, but even applying that rule the door in the garage caught me off guard.

I’ve improved function and security by replacing the door. I added a few pounds of venison to the freezer, and introduced the kids to delicious deer meat. And I played a bunch of games with the family. Good weekend in my book…

Keep stacking, but find your joy where you can.


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