Day: November 11, 2023

Sat. Nov. 11, 2023 – 111123 – non-prepping hobby day, then BOL

Cool and wet again. Hopefully not actual rain, but it is possible. It did stop raining for a short while yesterday. I took the Expy for my pickup anyway as I didn’t want to rearrange the pickup in the rain. Good thing, as the rain started back up.

So I did get the pickup done, but barely. Expy is full… and then I needed to unload some at the secondary on my way home to get D1 from school. Except that there was a massive traffic delay. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get 15 miles, and that is with my aggression turned to 11. Had to skip dropping off at my secondary in order to not leave the kid too long past due. Still picked her up almost 2 hours late. By that point I was WOUND UP.

Got pizza and calmed down. Did some auction sorting to make up for my slackitude. Spent some time working on pipes and watching youtube videos. They are going through some really aggressive attempts to monetize the audience. Listening to music in the car was maddening. Ads in between every song. Music paused when another app took focus, with a super smarmy message popup… “Do you want your music to keep playing when the app is in the background? Just buy a subscription!” They are making the user experience miserable to sell the subs.

Oddly when I watched last night, I didn’t get the “Oh you’re using an ad blocker, that’s not allowed” message. Guess some lawyers got involved. Louis Rossmann had some things to say about it on his channel. They might have been in violation of EU rules about running code on users’ machines without getting permission first. And in the US, I’m pretty sure the rePlay TV case determined that you can’t FORCE people to watch commercials.

Getting a pi-hole set up is moved up the priority list too.

So many things on that list.

Non-prepping hobby meeting today, with our quarterly swapfest too. I’ve got some things to sell, so I don’t want to miss it. Then it is ‘load the truck and head out’ time. In fact it’s ‘load the truck and trailer.’ I’ve got enough stuff for this trip I’ve rented a small trailer too. It’s much cheaper than gas for a second trip, and takes less time. I just need it to not be raining… I can still get most of it, but not all, if it’s raining.

Lotta preps involved, lotta stacking. Time to get busy.

Stack some yourself.


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