Day: November 3, 2023

Fri. Nov. 3, 2023 – who ya gonna please with that thing?? Well, me…

Cold and clear again, warming later, again. Nice days though, a bit cool to start, but nice. Great for working outside, if you are so inclined.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon doing pickups. One interesting thing about new players entering the market is that they don’t have a lot of bidders, and you can get some great deals. Bad for them while they get established, but great for me. I scored some good tools, and more importantly, some batteries and a charger for tools I already own. Dropped by my favorite gub store, but just left them some Halloween candy. Didn’t buy anything. Had to get D1 from school.

D2’s play and other kid stuff ate the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Today I’ll be picking up some more stuff. I won a couple more solar panels and a charge controller. I really want to get something set up at the BOL, and now I’ve got around 300-400 watts of panel to use. I got some other stuff for the BOL at the same auction. That fabric that keeps weeds from growing through your landscaping is crazy expensive at the store, considering it is just some non-woven plastic. I’ve been buying rolls in the auctions for huge savings, when I get around to finishing the cosmetic stuff at the BOL. Everything comes through the auctions eventually.

I didn’t drop off anything for sale this week though. I was busy Monday and Tuesday, and they asked me to wait for a week as they were filled up. I hope I haven’t missed my chance to keep unloading stuff by breaking my streak… clearing stuff out and turning it into money is a good thing.

Lots of not good things happening in the world. Take your joy where you find it, and stack…

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