Day: May 29, 2022

Sun. May 29, 2022 – oy, over did it yesterday

Another sunny day with a cool breeze off the lake….  like yesterday.   It got plenty hot in the sun but was nice in the shade all day.   Looking forward to another day like that.

Did a bunch of stuff, see last night’s comment for details.


Got a bunch of stuff to do today too.   Maybe even more stuff in or on the water, or maybe a drink with the neighbors.   Wife should be doing remodeling stuff in one of the bedrooms and I’ve got inside stuff to do, plumbing stuff.

Back is squawking at me.   Too much bending and lifting yesterday.   Getting all worn out sucks.

Hope the world holds together, I’ve got more to do up here.

Y’all have a nice day today.



Oh, stack some stuff while you can.

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