Day: May 16, 2022

Mon. May 16, 2022 – still at lake

Sunny cool and clear in the morning, getting hot later.   Probably the same in Houston.

After I set up an A/C service visit, I’ll work in the garden for a bit.  I spent several hours yesterday rototilling the whole thing again.   I thought I’d just get the grass off, but that took multiple passes, and increasing the depth.  I eventually got the whole plot tilled to an even depth.  Made my rows and planted two of them.  I did not know that beans should be soaked overnight before planting, so they will get planted today.

The planting choices are a bit wierd, but some of the seeds I have won’t do well this late.  I’m pushing it with what I am planting.  I wanted to get SOMETHING in though.   Since the fence isn’t in yet, I covered the whole row with hardware cloth in a tunnel shape.   I’ll either have to bring up more hardware cloth, or get busy on the fence.

I spent the hottest part of yesterday doing some other things, including taking a break to eat lunch with my wife on the dock.  Very cool breeze on the dock…   So I tried my hand at throwing the cast net.   Tougher than it looks.  I did manage to catch 3 little fish that would have made decent bait, which is what you do with the cast net in Texas.   I’ll need more practice, and maybe an in person coach…

The eclipse was cool.  Glad I got to see another one.

Unless things go horribly wrong, I’ll head home in the afternoon.  I’ve got a list of stacks to move up here, and more stuff to do work with.  We have one bedroom with the paint, ceiling fan, flooring, and furniture in it.   There is only the closet floor still to do.   Plenty of other work to do…

I’ve been sipping the news through a tiny straw, so I might have more to say later.   Someone asked the question “what will they come up with next to distract us?”   Now we know.   Yes, I know that is crazy conspiracy talk.  I will need to see more coverage before it’s anything more than a wry observation, but the question was asked.

Stack some stuff.   It’s getting weirder daily.


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