Day: May 7, 2022

Sat. May 7, 2022 – Ah work, I could watch it all day….

Sunny and hot, humid of course.  It’s supposed to be a very hot weekend.  Lynn has been watching the power generation numbers here in Texas, and the heat is going to drive some really high usage…  I’m kinda selfish normally, but if we are careful to reduce unneeded usage for the weekend, we’ll all have the power we need to keep cool.

I spent yesterday in the heat.   I might have spent too long in it, as I was feeling poorly by the end of the day.  I did a couple of pickups, then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting and stacking at one of my storage units.  I finished up by loading the truck for today’s run up to the BOL.

Our weekend commitments will come first, mainly swim team practice, but also lawn cutting and general weekend stuff.   Then I’ll find the last few things I need to get together for this week’s work – seeds, camping hot water heater, plumbing bits, hardware cloth, outdoor shower stuff…   wife has decided we will have an outdoor shower at the BOL until our septic situation is resolved.   Conveniently, I have a propane fired instant hot water heater stacked somewhere, as a prep against a long outage here.  I need to get it out, look at what is involved (a hose, propane tank, and shower head, presumably) and get those parts together too.

I’ll have some time in the morning to get that stuff done before we head out.

Then my comms will be spotty as before.

I’m testing out a prep this weekend, you should too.  Dig something out and use it.   Then stack whatever your test reveals that you lack….



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