Day: May 5, 2022

Thur. May 5, 2022 – or another made up holiday…

Hot and humid with a side order of moist today.   Same as yesterday, although “hot” is stretching it a bit.  It all feels hot when you can’t retreat into the airconditioning.

Contractor got the old A/C system removed, pulled all the ducts, and set the new major components.   Today he’ll run the rest of the ducts and commission the system.

I brought a small window unit home for the master bedroom, and a small freestanding unit for the hall and the other two bedrooms.   They are a bit undersized for the job, but have knocked 5-8 degrees F off the air temp,  and knocked the humidity way down.  I’ve got the windows open (with screens) in the rest of the house, but used the A/C to make the humidity tolerable for sleeping.  It was 89%RH outside and 50%RH inside when I went to bed.  I have been picking up window units, and the freestanding units when they were cheap, because our most likely disaster involves cooling not heating to make a house comfortable.    The freeze was an aberration, but I had temporary heat too, because I prep.

I could have brought a couple more units home, or the bigger units, but these were the easiest to get to, and it’s only for one night.  I’m dumping the heat into the hall bath, where I have  a box fan in the window to move the heat out of the house.   I’ve discovered that I didn’t bring enough flex duct home for the exhaust side.   This is why we USE our preps.  Next time I’ll know better.  BTW I like having multiple smaller units so that I can pick and choose capacity to match need, and available power.

Today’s plan is to pick up an item or two, mainly another couple of buckets of freeze dried emergency food.  Yesterday I got a bunch of stuff for the BOL, including a couple of extension poles.  I have several and use them for antenna mounts.   I figured a couple more, particularly extra tall and sturdy ones, would be worth having.

My ridiculously heavy fence pipes were dropped off yesterday at the BOL.   I need to set the corners around the garden this weekend.  We’re supposed to head up there and work through Mother’s Day.   One of my goals is to get something, anything, in the ground in the garden.  Even if it gets eaten by deer, I need to see if stuff will grow there.

And that should be enough planning to tempt the fates…

Find a gap and fill it.   Get your garden started.   While you are buying seed, buy extra and stack it.


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