Day: May 1, 2022

Sun. May 1, 2022 – a day of rest. Oh, who am I kidding?

Moderate temps today with some chance of light rain.  So someone in Houston will be getting rain, I hope it’s not me.   Saturday was humid but otherwise very nice.   I am glad for the extra bit of Spring before the heat of Summer kicks in.

Did my dad duties, did some shopping for the garden and to close the wall where there water heater used to be.  Did some cleanup around the house, but really should have done more.

Wife and D1 will be home late this morning.  I’m planning to sleep in as long as possible.

Then I’ll do some more household chores and cleanup.  I should have a few minutes to dump the bags of dirt onto the raised beds and get the potted plants into the ground.  I’m going with a minimum here this spring as it’s already a bit late.  Peppers, zukes, cukes, small watermelons, and some beans if I can remember correctly.  The small pots that were $3.83 each last year are almost $5 this year.  Even the cashier at Home Depot asked me if I was sure I wanted that many plants…   But I use AMEX rewards for the garden expenses, so I was sure.   My wife already put in a couple of tomato plants, the collards are  from last year, and the herbs are either new or from last year too.  Gardening work is predicated on no or little rain of course.

I really need to get up to the lake and get the garden going.  I’ve got other stuff I need to do up there, and there are at least two pickups full of stuff waiting to go up.  The latest load includes an armchair, and a wheelbarrow, along with some long term storage food.   On the one hand, since we have a ton of work to do, we don’t want a ton of stuff in the way.  On the other, it’s piling up here, and needs to move.   On the gripping hand, I’m much more comfortable getting some back up stuff up there.

Diversification of location.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Supply chain is getting worse.   The shutdowns in Shanghai should start showing up in delays pretty soon.  Don’t get caught flat footed.  Stack what you need.




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