Day: May 28, 2022

Sat. May 28, 2022 – work, work, play, work

Probably going to be beautiful here today.  I haven’t seen any forecasts though.   I’ll let you know later…. Yesterday in Houston was a scorcher-  108F in the sun by my roof, according to my weather station.  It had fallen to 106F in a couple of hours.

I beat feet for more temperate climes.  It was much cooler only a couple of hours north, and downright chilly at night on the water.


My schedule for today is … work.   Lots to do and I hope to get some of it done.  My goal is a bunch of little projects while my wife does flooring.   Then a break for grass cutting or kayaking, then more work.  Maybe a fire in the pit at night.   If the wind cooperates I’ll do some burning of my slash piles during the day.

Neighbors say it will be busy up here this weekend and we’ll see some stupidity on the lake.   That should be interesting.   It’s all new to me anyway.

Maybe I’ll get my traps in the water and see if the crawdads are biting…

STack up some good memories this weekend.   They’ll keep you motivated during the bad times.



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