Day: May 6, 2022

Fri. May 6, 2022 – Don’t you.. forget about me. Don’t don’t don’t you…

Forecast for today is sunny and hot.   Last night was cool and wet.   I guess it will depend on what blows in, or through.  I need to not have rain coming down to do the things I need to do…

Yesterday the A/C guys finished about 4 in the afternoon.   Inspection should be today.   There are a couple of things I think they could have done better, but it is done, I didn’t have to do it, and I can tweak stuff as needed.  I’ve left my network rack apart until after the inspection as it lives right next to the air handler.  Better that the inspector can move and see freely.

I did a pickup, more freeze drieds.  At $50-60 per bucket, it’s not a terrible deal and it will jumpstart my BOL stock up.  I will have to add meat.

Found a few more things for the BOL house and dock.   The current plan is to head up Saturday morning, after swim team practice.   I’d rather go up this afternoon.  I’ve got a full load for the truck and a load for the wife’s minivan. SO MUCH STUFF.  And so much to do.

At least the A/C project here is mostly complete.  That is one worry off the list.  Water heater, A/C, and next needs to be the generator.  Yes, still haven’t found an electrician/install company that will come out and do it  after our friend got scared away.  If I knew I could get a propane jet kit for it, I’d take it to the BOL, and get a bigger one for this house.  But I don’t think that’s an option at this point.

I feel the pressure, but remind myself it’s a marathon not a sprint.   Except if it is a sprint, ‘cuz it does feel that way…..

Get busy with your own journey, whether sprint or leisurely stroll across the heath… and stack the stuff high.


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