Day: May 11, 2022

Wed. May 11, 2022 – well it’s Wednesday already…

Hot and humid again.  Pretty nice yesterday, although hot, the  humidity was lower and in the shade it was very pleasant.

I got some pickups done, and took some stuff to storage.  Oh, and I used the dumpster at my secondary location to get rid of more debris from the BOL.

Today the plan is  to get another pickup done, then move stuff from storage to the auction, and get an item for my non-prepping hobby swap meet sale this weekend.

I might make a run up to the BOL depending on timing and how I feel.  That would put me up there overnight and part of Thursday.  If I’m there, I might as well do some work…  and if I’m doing work, I will do it in the garden.  I’ve got a whole load ready to go up anyway.

Meanwhile, the world turns.   The stock market might be finally reacting to the other stuff going on, and the thing that can not go on forever will come to an end.  Remember that in 2008 the collapsing market values were a stairstep down, a pause, then again, and again, and again.  There were mini recoveries, but the trend was down.  I’m hoping against it, but I think this might be time.  It is well overdue by most accounts.  We’ll certainly know soon enough.


No matter what happens, as many folks have been saying in one way or another,  stacks will help.

So stack, like your life depends on it.  Because it might.


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