Day: May 15, 2022

Sun. May 15, 2022 – so the eclipse is tonight…

Hot and humid.   Even here.  Still sunny though.

Was hot and humid in Houston and here yesterday.   I finally got up here around 430 and did a few small things, mostly cleanup.  I did change a light fixture and found more questionable electrical work.  Every fan and fixture so far had something sketchy.  Old boy did not like wire nut, but he loved tape.


A/C stopped cooling about 530pm.  Fans were fine after the sun went down, but the humidity is still unpleasant.  I’m thinking about staying through Monday to deal with that, and get some more tasks finished.

It’s always something.

Stacks aren’t gonna help with the A/C as I don’t have my spare capacitors here.   If I did, I’d swap one and see if that did the trick.  As it is, I’ll have to call someone.  I don’t want to call them on Sunday though.

Cash money is the best prep for this, at this time.

I did sell my one big thing and a couple of small things at my swapmeet, so it was worth staying in Houston for that.   I am behind up here though.

I better get something done…

Stack it high.  Body armor is next on the restricted list.


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