Day: May 27, 2022

Fri. May 27, 2022 – headed into the long weekend…

Cooler in the morning, hot later, supposed to be clear all weekend for most of the country, as well as Houston.   Thursday started very cool and got plenty hot, 99F at one point in the sun, but cooled down again once the sun set.

I did pickups and auction stuff, but didn’t get the stuff loaded for this weekend.   I bought a jon boat for the BOL, and a scratch and dent wood stove.   Also some things for the house.  I’m excited about the jon boat.   Seemed nuts to be on a lake with no boat at all.  Now I need a motor.  At least it’s not quite a hole in the water that I try to fill with money….

The stove looks complete, with only a small bend on one corner.  Nothing to affect use, and even appearance will be minimally impacted.   The plan is to remove the massive fireplace and chimney, which are crushing the back of the house and blocking the view of the lake.   Later we’d add a woodburner off to the side.  I saw the stove in the auction, and the pictures were terrible, so I thought I’d take the chance.  It was crazy cheap.   Looks like a winner so far, and at over a 90% discount from retail.   I will sell it if I find a nicer one before we get around to installing it, but in these uncertain times,  I’ve got this stove at least, sitting in the stacks.  It’s massive overkill for the house, and larger than I’d want in the room but – – –

Take what you can get, and get it when you can.

Kids are done with school for the year, so now the summer stuff starts happening.  Starting with a weekend at the BOL.

We’re headed up at some point to do more work, and enjoy the weekend.  We will take time out to remember the real reason for the holiday.   Like usual, I’ll set up several place holder posts to open the door and turn the lights on, just in case I have comms issues, and commenting by yours truly will be light.


Keep working on getting your stuff in order.  The awareness that something bad is coming, and its name is famine, is starting to spread.  Some more stuff is going to become even more difficult to find, and more expensive as people start putting back a little extra.   Don’t wait for the crush.  Stack it up NOW.


And increase your personal vigilance.  People are getting angry.  Violence is increasing.  Anyone can get caught in it anywhere- this has always been true, but the likelihood is increasing.  Do what you can to avoid being a victim.



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