Day: March 27, 2022

Sun. Mar. 27, 2022 – starting at the lake, ending at home

Another beautiful day at the lake.

Got here late afternoon yesterday after a day of driving around picking up things.  Unloaded the truck and put stuff away.

Then, without a permit or anything, I burned a pile of leaves.  F me we’ve fallen so far when that feels extreme.  Nice smell and cleaned up the pile.

I’ll probably do a few small things before heading home.  Maybe cut and stack some tree limbs. Maybe wash some windows.  Maybe install a light fixture. I don’t want to start anything that can go badly wrong, like changing out a toilet.

That would just be tempting fate.

Do not poke the happy fun ball.

Do stack some stuff.  Doesn’t matter what, you’ll need it.   Most stations out here have diesel fuel prices a dollar or more higher than gasoline.  A dollar.   Every thing moves by truck.  Moving it is getting crazy expensive.


Stack it up.



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