Day: March 13, 2022

Sun. Mar. 13, 2022 – off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of odd…

Cold again, and clear.  Got pretty chilly last night, it was 40F at 11pm and got colder.  Which is good, as I had food in coolers outside, because I don’t have room for it in the freezers or fridges.  All pre-cooked, nothing raw.

HUGE pile of stuff moving to the BOL, and it’s only the beginning and the basics.

HUGE pile of stuff still to move.    Current plan is wife takes the loaded minivan, I load tools in my pickup and pull a small trailer (5×8) that is loaded up.  I’ll either try to make another round trip, coming home Sunday night, then loading and driving with the trailer back up Monday, only to return the trailer in Houston Monday afternoon, and drive up with the loaded pickup on Tuesday, or I’ll call for an extra day and stretch that out by a day.  Either way, I’m back and forth a couple of times in the next few days.

I don’t know why anyone (**wife** **cough**) is surprised by the amount of stuff, it’s like moving a whole household (eventually).   I think in her mind it’s like going to a B&B, or a vacation rental, where all the stuff is already there.  Nope.  They did leave some stuff, but we won’t be sure what until we get there, and it’s not going to be linens and silverware.

Add the tools to do the work needed, and the beginning of some preps, and it’s a HUGE pile of stuff.

It doesn’t all have to go up this week but we are supposed to live there for that time.

No internet or cell service on site is going to make posting here problematic.

My current plan is to set up some automatic posts to get the day started.   If I can, I’ll edit those to be more relevant but they’ll at least be up.   I won’t be commenting during the day much, so play nice.  I should be able to get some internet at some point, and when I’m home between trips.  One of the first things I will be doing is trying out a couple of cell boosters and that may solve the issue.  We’ll see, I guess.


I’m dreading the work, but excited for the opportunity.

Y’all get your stuff stacked up!




Oh yeah, since it’s been almost exactly two years, I’m dropping the wuflu tag from here on, unless the post or comments actually have something to do with wuflu.  Like maybe Justin Bieber’s young and fit wife being hospitalized with a sudden ‘brain injury’.

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