Day: March 12, 2022

Sat. Mar. 12, 2022- non-prepping hobby meeting today

COLD.  Windy last night, cold today.  40F when I went to bed with temps falling.  Hopefully clear and warming later.

Short shrift today as I was very tired and went to bed early.

I’ve got my hobby meeting today, then loading the vehicles, and then possibly heading up  to the BOL.  I say possibly because I’d like to do the driving on Sunday instead.   I might have to ‘stub out’ all the week’s posts too, in case I don’t find any internet, so that at least the door gets opened and the light’s turned on…


Spent yesterday doing errands to get ready for next week, and finishing up at my client’s.   Stopped at the bank to do some business too.  This time there wasn’t a line.  Needed cashier’s checks for an application with an agency.  In this day and age, no internet payment option, no credit cards accepted.    Pain in the backside.

(See, I’m living as if there will be a tomorrow, following the rules, because most often there IS a tomorrow.)

I really want somewhere outside the city to go, if I have to go, and this is all working toward that.

So stack what you can, learn what you can, and get ready for whatever comes.


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