Day: March 11, 2022

Fri. Mar. 11, 2022 – Plenty to do, and getting ready for more work…

Cool again, but clear.  Yesterday was pretty nice by the time I got going.  Clear sky, warmish…  put me in mind of washing the vehicles.  Won’t do that, the paint needs its protective layer.

Did auction stuff, then did a pickup.  Swung by my storage unit and headed home.  STILL haven’t gotten to Costco.

Today I will swing past Costco.  I need gas in the Ranger, they have the Breathe Right strips on sale this week, and I want more rice and flour.  If they have any.  Plus, I need TP and paper towel for the BOL.

I need to also swing by my secondary and then drop something off out at my client’s place.  One trip to Conroe in there somewhere too for some auction stuff for the BOL.

I’ll be busy all day.

Some of it will contribute to my preparedness level.  Some will just contribute to domestic bliss.  And some will be a distraction.

Don’t let the news get too distracting for you.  Eyes on the prize!  Stack something…


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