Day: March 20, 2022

Sun. Mar. 20, 2022 – well, we knew there were issues

We probably should have met with the septic guy right away…..

Beautiful day yesterday.  Kids and wife all got out on the water. I played lawn Jarts with D2.

Much work was done.

Then we played the Lord of the Rings version of Monopoly. More fun than regular Monopoly.  The tokens are movie character minis in metal. Neat.

Today is cleanup and secure for departure.  And I’ll be back up here to meet with the septic guy as soon as he’s available.   And a foundation guy.   No surprises, but I was hoping we had some time before needing septic service.   We did get the propane filled, and system inspected.

We’ll be upgrading gas stuff as we go too.

More good neighbors.  They have a plan to isolate the development for the zombie apocalypse.  They are thinking about it and at least jokingly planning… Which is a good thing.

Keep stacking my friends.


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