Day: March 16, 2022

Wed. Mar. 16, 2022 – get ready for amateur hour

Cool and clear again in Houston.   I’ll be headed north though.

As soon as I get all my stuff in one bag and loaded up, I’ll be headed out.  Might be a bit later as I need to pick up a toilet on the way, and they may not be available at the first crack of morning’s light….  or something.


I feel a couple of big posts coming up but I think I’ll just prime the pump by asking you to do this.

Start thinking about what you can and will do to supplement or replace failing systems.   For example, water only comes out of the tap sporadically and is of dubious quality.   This is the case for the Yucatan Peninsula and yet they cope…

Or power is subject to random outages.

Or emergency services are limited.

Figure out what you can do, what you need, and plan to stack it up soon.


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