Day: March 21, 2022

Mon. Mar. 21, 2022 – stuff to do, stuff to do, stuff to do…

Supposed to be nice in Houston today, but some possibility of rain.  The week at the BOL was very nice.  It warm in the sun, and cool at night.  Perfect for campfires and getting out on the water.  Not great for getting IN the water, but the kids managed to have a splash-fest anyway.

Between the work and the unfamiliar bed, I’m pretty sore.  Kinda late in life to be starting another project like this with a body in the condition mine is in, but sweat equity is the only way to make it work.  And hey, now I get to learn about alternative sewage disposal, and I’ll be ahead of the game when city services stop….    Or I’ll dig a slit trench.

Houses are a lot of work.  Houses in a distant location are more work.  Houses in a distant location that is also rural are a LOT more work.

So, accomplishments so far…

– provide some of own comms infrastructure.

– mop up sewer water.

– paint, and a lot of scraping.

Still to do…


Water and food are next while working the other issues, primarily sewage and foundation.  For food, I will move some buckets of bulk up there, and some cases of cans.  Just enough to get started.   I’ll be looking for a chest freezer too.

I’ve already started thinking about rain collection.  The gutters need to be redone anyway, so why not have them dump into a collection system?   The roof is metal and smooth, relatively clean.   Sure there is a whole lake of water, but it’s 40 or more feet lower than the house and the garden.    It would be a good idea to have some potable water barrels in place too, in case the lake got contaminated with radiation or a chemical agent.  Having some water in tanks would be a good hedge against that.  They’d be closer to the house too.  And as it happens, I’ve got a couple of tanks that I have empty at the moment.  More stuff for the ‘transfer it to the BOL’ list.  Oh, and filters.  Need more filters.

The BOL will be a long term project, but there is a need to get some short term solutions in place.

Speaking of water filters, there was a BigBerkey in one of the amazon returns auctions locally.  It ended up selling for $110.   Deals and gear are out there.

Of course, I’m a week behind on every thing here that I was supposed to be doing too.  So there is that.  Like the title says, stuff to do.


I’m behind in the news, but I’m sure we’re not further from world conflict, economic collapse, and all the  troubles of the world.   So stack, stack, and restack.  You’ll be glad you did.




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