Day: March 7, 2022

Mon. Mar. 7, 2022 – sometime this week is the 56th anniversary of my birth, and the world should rejoice!

because it’s all about ME!

Cool and probably raining all day.   National forecast has us in the middle of a t-storm/rain zone.  If we’re near the edge we usually don’t get it.  I think the forecaster errs on the side of rain.  No one is disappointed when it DOESN’T rain.  We went from part sun to overcast yesterday and even got some misty drizzle in the late afternoon.  At 4pm it felt like 8pm.

Spent the day getting little done.  Some auction stuff in the morning, then there was some confusion about cookie booth times, double booking, and who had what child, when; so I ended up cancelling what I had planned and doing daddy duties.  Spent a nice hour on the phone with my mom while I waited for child activities to end.

Today I’ve got some pickups, and weather permitting, getting stuff ready for dropping off at my auctioneer.  Then it’s daddy daughter activity time.   Short work day.   Maybe I’ll do a bit better at chess this week.

So many things to do, I need to step up my game.

The list is long, and the time is short.

Get to stacking…   and stop slacking.  Get those projects done.


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