Day: March 9, 2022

Wed. Mar. 9, 2022 – more work, less talk

Cold and wet, but less wet than yesterday when there was misty drizzle or light drizzle most of the day.  It was 46F when I got up and 44F when I went to bed, and stayed pretty cold all day long.  I really hope today will be warmer, and drier.

My plan for yesterday got switched to a degree with the plan for today.   The rain stopped me from doing stuff at my storage, or secondary, and it would have been nasty at my client’s house.  So I did smaller things and picked up the kid from school, and drove around.

Today I need to be finishing up at my client’s house.  I need to get done and paid, and I need to change gears and get stuff done at my secondary and start work at the BOL.   We wired them money, signed some papers, and possibly today, or tomorrow, we’ll officially own the new place.  Then some real work can get started.

Stuff continues to worsen on the world stage.  Lies and misdirection continue to be foisted on us.  Prices are still going up.  The body politic is more divided than ever.  People are running wild in the streets of our big cities.   All bad things.

Work your list, improve your position.   Get out of the big cities.  Don’t be distracted from your goals by the spectacle around you.   Stack all the things.




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