Day: March 6, 2022

Sun. Mar. 6, 2022 – fresh outta fresh content…

Cool and clear, maybe not either.   Got into the 80s yesterday!  Spring is here!   Yea!  It was 71F at midnight.

Spent the day Saturday running around.  Touching base with a couple of different aspects of my life…

Will spend as much of today as possible moving stuff around in storage units.   Might end up paying for an extra month on my one unit after all.  That will take pressure off me, but that isn’t really what I need, is it?

Upshot of my ‘taking the tenor of t he clans’ is nervousness, and uncertainty.  Although everyone seems to be absolutely certain that Vlad is insane and will fail,  I’m not sure of either of those  things.

I spent a good deal of time re-reading some old posts and comments from around the time of the one I linked yesterday, or from the beginning of me posting and not just commenting.  Lots of good discussion about beginning prepping around that time, June and July, 2016.  Lot of voices we don’t hear very often these days.

DadCooks, check in please.

JLP, Spook, pcb_duffer, miles_teg, and others have not commented in a long time.   If you guys are out there, check in!

A lot has changed in the last six years.  A surprising amount of stuff has stayed pretty much the same.  And some stuff has completely reversed (like cops being killed by blacks being the topic o the times…)

Definitely worth exploring the old posts and comments.

And I do have to say, while the things we were prepping for at the time didn’t come to pass, the wuflu did, and we were well served by our preps.

So stack it high, even if you don’t think the current justification is sensible, there will be something else to come along, and prove the ant smarter than the grasshopper.



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