Day: February 19, 2022

Sat. Feb. 19, 2022 – it certainly keeps me busy…

Cold and windy, and cold.  Yesterday started cold and stayed cool all day, although the sun did come out and it did warm up somewhat.

I ran a bunch of errands during the day.   Cooked some of the $5/pound T bone steaks for dinner.  Read.  Went to bed early.  I was wiped out.

Today I’ll be helping my wife upgrade the lighting in the theatre in the school D1 attends.  I’ll also be taking a bunch of BOL stuff to my secondary.  I’ve got a plan, but it’s probably not a good one… gonna try anyway.


While I do believe bad things will be happening and bad times will come and get worse, I still have to live my life like there IS a tomorrow.  Hence the volunteer hours at school, and the getting together with other families, and buying a lakehouse…   Forecast calls for pain, but the forecasters are wrong all the time too.

So stack, but LIVE too.


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