Day: February 7, 2022

Mon. Feb. 7, 2022 – another week begins.

Cold, but not COLD.  I think it got into the mid 50s yesterday and I expect more of the same today.  It was low 40s when I went to bed.

I spent most of the day Sunday dealing with HVAC issues at my rent house.  Then I did a bit of thrifting on my way home.  Got a framed map of Skyrim for D1.  She wanted me to frame my map from the game disk box, but I said no, so finding one already framed was a bit of niceness in the day.  I picked up a couple of things that will sell really well, for nice margins the next time I can get stuff into an auction.

No word from my storage unit on any video evidence.   I’ll ping her again today and maybe I can start cleaning up and find out if any of the high value stuff got left behind.   My suspicion is only the more esoteric, harder to sell stuff got left behind.

The problems with the heat at my rent house point out the benefit of having backups.  When your heat goes out, you may not be able to get a service guy to see you for a while, and he may not be able to get parts for a while… so having some alternative heating (or cooling) methods makes good sense.  The grid doesn’t have to be down for you personally to need backups.   That goes for drinking water too.

Today is a disjointed mess.  I should be hanging some TVs for my client but IDK if the painters got done, given the shutdown for freezing Friday.  It’s also my short workday because of time with my daughter in the afternoon, and I would like to be there when the HVAC guy is at my rental.  I will probably prioritize daughter, and just let him do his thing.   Tenants are both work-from-home, so  they’ll be there to let him in.

I should get my burgled storage unit back in shape and get more stuff out of the house too.  And during the week, we’ve got a plumber coming to install a tankless hot water heater (which I have to prep for by clearing the work area, and putting up a mounting board).  AND I have to get my client’s house back together, AND get stuff pulled for my non-prepping hobby’s quarterly mini-swapmeet.  AND school has early dismissal Thursday and Friday for some reason, AND all  the other normal things as the social and economic structure of our world shifts around us….


So, busy week ahead.

Start building on your backups for your critical systems and supplies.  Stack them high and deep.


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