Day: February 16, 2022

Wed. Feb. 16, 2022 – it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to , cry if I want to, cry…..

Good weather today, clear and while starting off cool, getting to shirt-sleeves weather.  Now, that’ll bring the rain…  Yesterday was like that, with occasional and local overcast.  Everywhere else got a nice sunny day.


I’ll laugh and sing if I want to, too.  People can come along or not.


Did my pickups.   One advent calendar, Lego, check.   One squishmellow, check.  Pump for the BOL. Some tools that I was looking at online but yesterday found for no money in a thrift store.  Set of nice kitchen knives including Henkels and Kyocera ceramics from the same store.  Fun fact, you can clean up the small nicks in your ceramic blades, and sharpen them, with a diamond “stone”.   I use an inexpensive flat plate with diamond dust impregnated to quickly clean the edge and put the bevel back.  Easy and keeps a midly expensive blade working longer.   Digital handheld scanner, new in box.  Don’t know if I’ll keep it or flip it.  Some other stuff for here and for there ended up in my  truck too.

Dinner was from a local japanese takeout.  I STILL haven’t found anyone who makes a katsudon.   CRAVING IT.  This place has a katsu plate which is not the same thing at all.

I love  western culture and living in a first world country.  I’m going to miss it even more than I’m already starting to in the coming years.

Today I’m doing auction stuff, organizing and testing mostly.   Then pickup D1 from school and go shopping for books.   I’m NOT taking her to B&N.   We’re hitting the thrifts and maybe Half Price Books.  Passing our culture to the next generation is important.  My culture reads books.  Lots of books.

Speaking of books, picked up one nursing book and one on steam generation and steam power, emphasis on theory and practice, written for the skilled trades in the late 1800s.  Realized that I can move a good chunk of my  reference library to  the BOL!    MOAR BOOKS!!!!

Peter at BayouRenaissanceMan notes that there is a list of prescription drugs that .gov lists as being in short supply.  I posted to a similar list before wuflu, but it’s here somewhere.  Be interesting to see what’s changed.  One other use is to see if your Doc is substituting an available but less effective med for the one that would be preferred, if it were more widely available.    Work the system and get extra of what you need.  Expect to pay for them yourself.  You are worth it.

And for Pete’s sake, and for your own, stack stuff up.



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